SAV82407 Series Spectrum Analyzer Extension Module

(Frequency Range: From 50GHz - Max. 325GHz)

SAV82407 series Spectrum Analyzer Frequency Extension Module is designed for S3503 series Signal Analyzer and make it a millimeter wave level instrument.

Key Features

  • Frequency Range:50GHz ~ 325GHz.
  • Low frequency conversion loss.
  • Small size, light weight.
  • Accurate amplitude measurement ensured by wider LO power range
  • Auto configuration via smart USB port for S3503

Typical Applications

  • Work together with signal analyzer to achieve millimeter wave signal analysis

Technical Specifications

Frequency Range SAV82407A: 50GHz - 75GHz
SAV82407B: 75GHz - 110GHz
SAV82407C: 110GHz - 170GHz
SAV82407D: 140GHz - 220GHz
SAV82407E: 220GHz - 325GHz
Mulplication Factor SAV82407A: 5
SAV82407B: 7
SAV82407C: 9
SAV82407D: 7
SAV82407E: 9
Frequency Conversion Loss SAV82407A: 20dB
SAV82407B: 28dB
SAV82407C: 36dB
SAV82407D: 40dB
SAV82407E: 48dB
LO Power Range 12 - 18 dBm
Max. RF Signal Input Power 15dBm
RF Signal input Interface SAV82407A: WR15 / UG385U
SAV82407B: WR10 / UG387U-M
SAV82407C: WR6 / UG387U-M
SAV82407D: WR5 / UG387U-M
SAV82407E: WR3 / UG387U-M

General Information

Dimension (L×H×W) 110mm×70mm×25.2mm
Weight Approx. 330g