S1103 Series Synthesized Signal Generators

(Frequency Range: 250kHz - 20GHz / 40GHz / 50GHz / 67GHz)

S1103 is a series of microwave synthesized signal generators with top-level performance. Integrated with a dual-channel internal modulation signal generator and pulse generator, S1103 can also provide AM, FM, ØM and pulse modulation.

S1103 is designed for comprehensive performance evaluation of electronic systems. Meanwhile, it can also be used as a local oscillator for transmitters and receivers.S1103 is widely used in aviation, spaceflight, radar, communication, navigation equipment etc.

Key Features

  • Wide frequency range 250kHz–20GHz/40GHz/50Ghz/67GHz
  • High quality , Low sideband phase noise signal
  • High dynamic range, precise power output
  • Precise analog sweep output
  • Integrated with Internal Modulation Signal Generator and Pulse Generator
  • Excellent Broadband DCFM & DCØM Function
  • High Accurate Linear AM and Exponential AM
  • Top level pulse modulation performance
  • Step sweep, list sweep, power sweep functions
  • Compatible with SAV82406 series frequency extender to extend output frequency upto 500GHz

Typical Applications

  • Comprehensive Performance Evaluation on Electronic System
  • Test on High-performance Receiver
  • Local Oscillator Substitution

Technical Specifications

Specifications S1103A: 250kHz - 20GHz
S1103B: 250kHz - 40GHz
S1103C: 250kHz - 50GHz
S1103D: 250kHz - 67GHz
Min. Frequency Resolution 0.001Hz
Output Power S1103A: -20dBm - 13dBm
S1103B: -20dBm - 10dBm
S1103C: -20dBm - 6dBm
S1103D: -20dBm - 6dBm
Output Power with Programmmable step attenuator (Optional) S1103A: -120dBm - 11dBm
S1103B: -120dBm - 8dBm
S1103C: -90dBm - 3dBm
S1103D: -90dBm - 3dBm
Signal Sideband Phase Noise
CF=1GHz, 10kHz offset

General Information

Dimension (W×H×L) 426mm×133mm×510mm (without handles, feed pads etc)
482mm×152mm×582mm (with handles, feed pads etc)
Weight Approx. 20kg
Power Consumption About 300W
Power Supply AC 220V±10%, 50Hz±10%
RF Output Interface S1103A: 3.5mm (M)
S1103B: 2.4mm (M)
S1103C: 2.4mm (M)
S1103D: 1.85mm (M)
Display TFT-LCD

Main machine

S1103A Synthesized Signal Generator 250kHz - 20GHz
S1103B Synthesized Signal Generator 250kHz - 40GHz
S1103C Synthesized Signal Generator 250kHz - 50GHz
S1103D Synthesized Signal Generator 250kHz - 67GHz