S5103 Handheld Microwave Tester

The product has been discontinued. Recommended replacement is S3302 series.

(Frequency Range: 1MHz - 20GHz)

S5103 Handheld Microwave Tester can test frequency from 1MHz to 20GHz and has multiple functions including Cable and antenna SWR test, fault location test of discontinuous points, insertion loss and gain test, spectrum analysis and power test and so forth.

Portable, flexible and chargeable, S5103 Handheld Microwave Tester is suitable for spot test. This tester can be universally used in the various procedures including spot installation and debugging, performance test, daily maintenance and lash - up maintenance test of electronic devices including radar, communication, electromagnetic countermeasure, which will effectively improve users’ spot maintenance capability.

Key Features

  • 7 - inch High Brightness Color TFT LCD
  • Cable and Antenna Test ( Return Loss, Fault Position etc.)
  • Network Analysis, S Parameter (S11, S12, S21, S22) test
  • Spectrum Analysis, Analyzing Spectrum (field intensity,
    channel power, occupied bandwidth etc.)
  • Power Supervision, For Power Measurement
  • Vector Voltage Measurement, Measuring vector voltage
  • USB Power Measurement, measuring power by connecting USB interface)
  • Provide an external input bias T function, provide 2 types of USB2.0 interface, and a 100M network interface

Typical Applications

  • Filter Performance Test
  • Time Domain Measurement
  • Radar Communication Systematic Performance Test
  • RFID Domain Test
  • Bluetooth Domain Test
  • Components Test and whole set equipment Test

Technical Specifications

Antenna &Transmission Line test
Frequency Range 1MHz - 20GHz
Frequency Accuracy ±1×10 - 6
Frequency Resolution 10Hz
Measurement Point 11, 21, 51, 101, 201, 501, 1001
Effective Directionality 32dB - 42dB
Effective Source Termination 30dB
Network Analysis
Frequency Range 1MHz - 20GHz
Frequency Accuracy ±1×10 - 6
Frequency Resolution 10Hz
Measurement Point 11, 21, 51, 101, 201, 501, 1001
IF Bandwidth 10Hz - 100kHz, Step by to 1, 2, 10
Effective Directionality 32dB - 42dB
Effective Source Termination 30dB
S21 Dynamic Range 80dB - 95dB
Spectrum Analysis
Frequency Range 100kHz - 20GHz(Tunable to 9kHz)
Tuning Resolution 1Hz
Span 100Hz - 20GHz, 0Hz
Resolution Bandwidth 1Hz - 3MHz, Step by 1, 3, 10
Video Bandwidth 1Hz - 3MHz , Step by 1, 3, 10
Sideband Noise ≤ - 97dBc/Hz@10kHz(Wave Carrier: 1GHz) ≤ - 98dBc/Hz@100kHz(Wave Carrier: 1GHz) ≤ - 105dBc/Hz@1MHz(Wave Carrier: 1GHz)
Displayed Average Noise Level ≤ - 151dBm/Hz (10MHz - 4GHz, Preamplifier on) ≤ - 133dBm/Hz (10MHz - 8GHz) ≤ - 123dBm/Hz (8GHz - 20GHz)
Absolute Amplitude Accuracy ±2.0dB (20℃ - 30℃, Input: 0dBm ~ - 50dBm) ±2.7dB (0℃ - 50℃, Input: 0dBm ~ - 50dBm)
Residual Response ≤ - 80dBm
Reference Level Range  - 80dBm ~ +30dBm
Input VSWR ≤1.7:1 (≤6GHz, Typical), ≤2.1:1 (>6GHz, Typical)
Frequency Measurement
Frequency Range 100kHz - 20GHz
Frequency Resolution 1Hz
Frequency Accuracy ±[Frequency Readout×(1×10 - 6(23℃)+10 - 6/10℃)+10Hz]
Frequency Sensitivity  - 40dBm
Cable and Antenna  N (F)
Vector Network Analysis N (F)
Spectrum Analysis N (F)

General Information

Data Transmission USB, LAN
Cooling Method Internal Air Cooling
Power Consumption ≤28W
Power Supply AC: 220V~ ±10%, 50Hz±5%
Internal Battery, Nominal Voltage: 10.8V, Support 3 hrs
Weight(kg) ≤5kg
Dimension (LxWxH) 330mm×230mm×120mm