S3504M Series Signal Analyzer

(Frequency Range: 30kHz - 3GHz/ 6GHz/ 13.2GHz/ 18GHz/ 26.5GHz)

S3504MM series Spectrum Analyzer is an economic version of S3504M series. It provide a good test performance with a lower cost.

Key Features

  • Wide frequency range from 30kHz to 26.5GHz.
  • Wide dynamic range, low DANL, low phase noise.
  • Fast test speed
  • Min. 10Hz resolution bandwidth.
  • Automatic calibration, environmental adaptability.
  • Support sweep analysis and FFT analysis(Optional).
  • Friendly UI, easy to use.
  • Various of interfaces including USB, GPIB, LAN etc.

Typical Applications

  • Transmitter and oscillator source test.
  • Components and parts Performance Testing.
  • Electronics production line testing and field maintenance.

Technical Specifications

S3504MA S3504MB S3504MC S3504MD S3504ME
Frequency Range 9kHz - 3GHz 9kHz - 6GHz 9kHz - 13.2GHz 9kHz -
9kHz - 26.5GHz
Resolution Bandwidth 1Hz~5MHz
Video Bandwidth 1Hz~5MHz, 50MHz
Scan Time 1us - 4000s (bandwidth = 0Hz);   1ms - 2000s (bandwidth ≥ 100Hz)
Overall Amplitude Accuracy ±0.3dB
DANL @1GHz -125dBm, pre-amplifier off
-141dBm, pre-amplifier on
Second Harmonic Distortion 10MHz~200MHz <-65dBc (@-30dBm)
200MHz~1.5GHz <-80dBc (@-30dBm)
1.5GHz~3GHz <-70dBc (@-10dBm)
10MHz~1.55GHz <-70dBc (@-30dBm)
1.55GHz~3.1GHz <-80dBc (@-10dBm)
>3.1GHz  <-100dBc (@-10dBm)
Third Order Intercept distortion @-30dBm 100MHz~6GHz <-80dBc 100MHz~6.5GHz <-80dBc
6.5GHz~26.5GHz <-74dBc
Phase Noise ( @1GHz) -90dBc/Hz (10kHz offset); -100dBc/Hz (30kHz offset); -110dBc/Hz (100kHz offset)
Residential Response <90dBm (Pre-amplifier off); <105dBm (Pre-amplifier on)

General Information


320×133×400mm(without handles, feet)
393×144×465mm (with handles, feet)
Weight Approx. 12kg
Power Supply 220V AC, 50Hz

Main machine

Part No. Frequency Range
S3504MA 30kHz - 3GHz
S3504MB 30kHz - 6GHz
S3504MC 30kHz - 13.2GHz
S3504MD 30kHz - 18GHz
S3504ME 30kHz - 26.5GHz