S3602A / B Vector Network Analyzer

(Frequency Range: 10MHz – 13.5GHz / 26.5GHz)

S3602 series VNA can be universally implemented in fields including transmission/reception module measurement, dielectric material property measurement, microwave pulse characteristic measurement and photoelectric property measurement; It is a necessary instrument in the scientific research, production process of systems like radar, communication and navigation.

Key Features

  • Frequency coverage from 10MHz to 13.5GHz / 26.5GHz
  • Flexible Calibration Types, Compatible with many Calibration Parts
  • Support Multi-window, multi-channel measurement, instantly execute intricate measurement plan
  • Include multiple display formats including logarithmic amplitude, linear range, standing wave, phase, group delay, smith circle map, polar coordinates
  • Support USB, GPIB, LAN, VGA
  • 12.I inch high resolution touch screen
  • One button measurement to simplify the setup procedures and improve the working efficiency
  • Provide a variaty functions including pulse S parameter measurement, time domain measurement, mixer measurement, 2 dimensional measurement of gain compression, millimeter wave spread spectrum, antenna and RCS measurement reception.

Typical Applications

  • Mixer Test
  • Filter Test
  • Integrated Pulse S Parameter Test

Technical Specifications

Frequency Range S3602A: 10MHz - 13.5GHz
S3602B: 10MHz - 26.5GHz
Frequency Resolution 1Hz
Frequency Accuracy ±1×10-7(23℃±3℃)
Output & Dynamic Range
Max. Output Power S3602A: 13dBm
S3602B: 13dBm
Max. Dynamic Range S3602A: 127dB
S3602B: 127dB
Port Harmonic Suppression
Port 1,3 Harmonic Suppression -51dBc(0.01-4GHz),
Port 2,4 Harmonic Suppression -13dBc(0.01-4GHz),
Port non-harmonic Suppression -40dBc(0.01-13.5GHz),
Amplitude Trace Noise dB rms 
(1kHz IF bandwidth)
0.007(10-100MHz), 0.002(0.1-13.5GHz),
Phase Trace Noise deg rms 
(1kHz IF bandwidth)
0.051(10-100MHz), 0.015(0.1-13.5GHz),
IF Bandwidth 1Hz - 5MHz
Amplitude Display Resolution 0.001dB/div
Phase display Resolution 0.01°/div
Amplitude Reference Level 
Set Required Value
-500 ~ +500dB
Phase Reference Level 
Set Required Value
-500 ~ +500°
General Characteristics
Port Connector Type 3.5mm (M), 50 Ω systematic impedance 
Measurement of Ports S3602A/B:  2 port Standard
S3602A/B-400:  4 port (optional)
Peripheral Interface USB, GPIB, VGA, LAN
operating System Windows 7

General Information

Display Method 12.I inch high resolution touch screen
Dimension (LxHxW) 426mm×266mm×550mm
(Including handles, pad foot and footing) 463mm×279.5mm×640mm
(handles, pad foot and footing are not included)
The Maximum Power Consumption 400W
Maximum Weight 42kg

Main machine

Part No. Frequency Range
S3602A 10MHz – 13.5GHz
S3602B 10MHz – 26.5GHz