SAV364X Series VNA S Parameter Test Module

(Frequency Range: From 50GHz – Max. 325GHz)

SAV364X Series S parameter test module is a top-level VNA frequency extender. The S parameter test module is used to build a vector network measurement system together with a VNA and a millimeter frequency controller. The system can do millimeter wavelength level S parameter measurement.

Key Features

  • Frequency Range:50GHz - 325GHz.
  • Multiple Calibration methods.
  • 2 ports measurement with milimeter frequency extender controller.

Typical Applications

  • Millimeter waveleght level vector network measurement.

Technical Specifications

Frequency Range SAV3644A: 50GHz - 75GHz
SAV3645A: 75GHz - 110GHz
SAV3646A: 110GHz - 170GHz
SAV3649 : 170GHz - 220GHz
SAV3649A: 220GHz - 325GHz
Output Power SAV3644A: +3dBm
SAV3645A: +3dBm
SAV3646A: -10dBm
SAV3649 : -10dBm
SAV3649A: -13dBm
Dynamic Range SAV3644A: 95dB
SAV3645A: 95dB
SAV3646A: 80dB
SAV3649 : 95dB
SAV3649A: 90dB
Input Interface SAV3644A: WR15 System impedance: 1ohm
SAV3645A: WR10 System impedance: 1ohm
SAV3646A: WR06 System impedance: 1ohm
SAV3649 : WR05 System impedance: 1ohm
SAV3649A: WR03 System impedance: 1ohm

General Information

Power Supply SAV3644A/45A/46A: 12V DC, 2A
SAV3649/49A: 12V DC, 3A
Dimension (L×H×W) 120mm×90mm×240mm