S5102 Handheld RF Tester

(Frequency Range: 100kHz / 1MHz – 6GHz)

S5102 Handheld RF Tester, within the frequency range from 100KHz to 6GHz, has incorporated within itself multiple functions including dual-port vector network analysis, cable and antenna test, vector voltage test, spectrum analysis, field strength test and power measurement, providing you with powerful and comprehensive analytical capability.

Dual-port Vector Network Analysis can precisely and instantly conduct comprehensive measurements of RF network parameters, providing multiple display formats including logarithm, linearity, phase position, group delay, impedance chart, polar coordinates and voltage standing wave ratio, which makes itself qualified as a standard vector network analyzer.

Key Features

  • A variety of test functions include network test, spectrum test, antenna test etc.
  • Easy to take, easy to operate
  • Friendly UI
  • Long working hours with battery power supply.

Typical Applications

  • Radar Performance Parameter Test
  • Multi-parameter Test of fields including Cable TV, Wireless Communication.

Technical Specifications

Cable & Antenna Test
Frequency Range 1MHz - 6GHz
Frequency Accuracy   ±2×10-6(23℃), ±1×10-6/10℃
Frequency Resolution 10Hz
Effective Directionality ≥38dB
Effective Source Termination ≥32dB
Reflection Tracking ±0.08dB
Vector Network Analyzer
Frequency Range 1MHz - 6GHz
Frequency Accuracy ± 2×10-6(23℃), ±1×10-6/10℃
Frequency Resolution 10Hz
Effective Directionality ≥38dB
Effective SourceTermination ≥32dB
Reflection Tracking ±0.08dB
Transmission Tracking ±0.08dB
Dynamic Range 1MHz-100MHz     ≥75dB
100MHz-6GHz     ≥70dB
Power Detector
Frequency Range 100kHz - 6GHz
Power Range -60dBm - +20dBm
Power Accuracy ±4dB
Spectrum Analysis
Frequency Range 100kHz - 6GHz
Frequency Readout Accuracy ±(Frequency Readout ×2×10-6 +0.1×RBW +0.01×Span)
Resolution Bandwidth 1Hz - 3MHz (step by 1,3,10)
Resolution Bandwidth Accuracy ±10% (1kHz - 3MHz)
Video Bandwidth 1Hz - 3MHz (step by 1,3,10)
Display Average Noise Level 10MHz - 4GHz ≤-148dBm (Preamplifier on)
4GHz - 6GHz ≤-145dBm (Preamplifier on)
10MHz - 4GHz  ≤-133dBm (Preamplifier off)
4GHz - 6GHz  ≤-130dBm (Preamplifier off)
Noise Sideband (CF=1GHz) ≤-90dBc/Hz@10kHz
Residual Response 50MHz-6GHz,  ≤-80dBm
Max. Safety Input Level +27dBm
Type of Testing Interface N (F)

General Information

Display 7 inch color TFT-LCD  (800×480mm) 
Power Supply Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery or Power Adapter
Power ≤32W (Except for battery charging)
Operating Temp. -10℃ - +50℃ (14°F - 122°F)
Storage Temp. -40℃ - +70℃ (-40°F - 158°F) 
Weight (kg) 4.3kg (without battery)
Dimension (L×H×W) 330mm×230mm×116mm