SAV82406 Series Signal Generator Extension Module

(Frequency Range: From 50GHz - Max. 500GHz)

SAV82406 series signal generator extension module is a new generation millimeter wave extender. Connect SAV82406 to a microwave signal source via a RF cable can easily compose a millimeter-wave signal generation system. Frequency, power of output signal is determined by input signal from synthesized signal source. A DC adapter is provided to power the module.

Key Features

  • Frequency Range:50GHz ~ 500GHz.
  • Input Signal Frequency Requirement: < 20GHz.
  • Power Supply: 15V DC adapter
  • Compact, lightweight, low power consumption, standard interface
  • Built-in high-gain microwave amplifier; low level input signal is acceptable.

Typical Applications

  • Signal generator for millimeter-wave radar test
  • Signal generator for millimeter-wave communication

Technical Specifications

Frequency Range SAV82406A: 50GHz - 75GHz
SAV82406B: 75GHz - 110GHz
SAV82406C: 110GHz - 170GHz
SAV82406D: 170GHz - 220GHz
SAV82406E: 220GHz - 325GHz
SAV82406F: 325GHz - 500GHz
Mulplication Factor SAV82406A: 4
SAV82406B: 6
SAV82406C: 12
SAV82406D: 12
SAV82406E: 18
SAV82406F: 36
Output Power SAV82406A: +13dBm
SAV82406B: +10dBm
SAV82406C: +2dBm
SAV82406D: -2dBm
SAV82406E: -8dBm
SAV82406F: -18dBm
RF Signal Input Interface 3.5mm Female
RF Signal Output Interface SAV82406A: WR15
SAV82406B: WR10
SAV82406C: WR6.5
SAV82406D: WR5.1
SAV82406E: WR3.4
SAV82406F: WR2.2

General Information

Power Supply 15V-18V DC
Power Consumption <20W
Dimension (L×H×W) 240mm×120mm×85mm