S3502 Series Signal Surveyor

(Frequency Range: 9kHz-40GHz/4GHz/8GHz/13.2GHz/18GHz/26.5GHz/45GHz/50GHz)

S3502 Series Signal Surveyor is a high-performance broadband electromagnetic signal analyzer. It is designed to search, reconnaissance and analysis of electromagnetic signal.

S3502 is widely suitable for spectrum monitoring, Technical reconnaissance, information security detection and universal signal testing.

Key Features

  • High-speed, high-resolution spectrum frequency
    scanning ability
  • High sensitivity, low phase noise, high-performance reception characteristics of wide frequency range
  • Maximum 40MHz analytical bandwidth
  • Highly effective energy detection and alarm
  • Panoramic and multi-domain analysis of signals
  • Signal snapshot and playback analysis
  • Automatic recognition of modulation pattern
  • Convenient operational characteristics

Typical Applications

  • Technical Reconnaissance Field
  • Electromagnetic Frequency Monitoring and Electromagnetic Environment Monitoring
  • High-Precision Test and Parameter Analysis of Signals

Technical Specifications

Part No. S3502A S3502B S3502C S3502D S3502E S3502F S3502G S3502H
Frequency Range 9KHz -
9KHz -
9KHz -
9KHz -
9KHz -
9KHz -
9KHz -
9KHz - 
10MHz Precision  Frequency  Reference Frequency Accuracy ± (to the last calibration date × aging rate +Temp. stability + calibration accuracy)
Aging Rate ± 1×10-9 / day, ± 1×10-7 / Year
Temp. Stability 20 ° C - 30 ° C (0 ° C - 55 ° C
± 1×10-8 ± 5×10-8
Calibration accuracy ± 7 ×10-8
Frequency  Readout Accuracy ±(0.3% Span+10% Resolution Bandwidth +2Hz)
Max. Scanning  Speed 3GHz/s (Resolution bandwidth: 2.2kHz; Form factor: 9:1)
Max. Processing  Bandwidth 40MHz
Memory Capacity 64M Samples (Expandable to 256M Samples)
Sideband Noise  100Hz < -91dBc/Hz   
1kHz < -105dBc/Hz   
10kHz < -115dBc/Hz   
100kHz < -117dBc/Hz   
Residual FM < 1Hz ×N (N: Harmonic)
Resolution  Bandwidth 1Hz ~ 1.5MHz (shape factor 9:1) Accuracy: 10%
Receiver  Sensitivity 10MHz - 200MHz -140dBm/Hz
200MHz - 1GHz -149dBm/Hz
1GHz - 4GHz -145dBm/Hz
4GHz - 9GHz -144dBm/Hz
9GHz - 18GHz -140dBm/Hz
18GHz - 26.5GHz -138dBm/Hz
26.5GHz - 40GHz -130dBm/Hz
40GHz - 50GHz -127dBm/Hz

General Information

Dimension (L×W×H) 498×192×532 (Including handles, pad foot and footing)  426×177×460(handles, pad foot and footing are not included)
Max. Weight 25kg
Display TFT-LCD
Input Interface S3502A / G / H: 2.4mm (M),  Impedance: 50Ω S3502B / C / D / E / F: N (F),  Impedance: 50Ω
Power Supply AC 220V±10%,  50Hz±10%
Power 28W (Stand by),  <380W (Operating) 

Main machine

S3502A  Signal Surveyor 9kHz - 40GHz
S3502B  Signal Surveyor 9kHz - 4GHz
S3502C  Signal Surveyor 9kHz - 8GHz
S3502D  Signal Surveyor 9kHz - 13.2GHz
S3502E  Signal Surveyor 9kHz - 18GHz
S3502F  Signal Surveyor 9kHz - 26.5GHz
S3502G  Signal Surveyor 9kHz - 45GHz
S3502H  Signal Surveyor 9kHz - 50GHz