S3302 Handheld Spectrum Analyzer

(Frequency Range: 9kHz - 20GHz / 26.5GHz / 32GHz / 44GHz)

S3302 series Spectrum Analyzer has a wide frequency range, high performance, fast scanning speed, multi-function test, easy operation and other advantages. Performance specification is excellent in average noise level, phase noise, and fast scanning speed.

S3302 series Spectrum Analyzer provides multi analysis function such as spectrum analysis, interference analysis, analog demodulation, power measurement etc. S3302 has a small size and low weight, it is widely used on site and widely applied to signal and equipment test in aerospace, microwave, satellite communications, wireless communications.

Key Features

  • Wide frequency range from 9kHz to 44GHz.
  • Low DANL level to -163dBm @ 1Hz RBW.
  • Excellent phase noise performance: -106dBc / Hz @ 100kHz offset CF=1GHz.
  • Fast scanning speed: 1GHz span fastest sweep time <20ms.
  • A variety of measurement function includes spectrum analysis, analog demodulation, channel scanning etc.
  • Flexible interfaces and friendly UI

Typical Applications

  • Spectrum analysis.
  • Field strength measurement.
  • interference analysis.
  • Analog demodulation.

Technical Specifications

Frequency Range S3302A: 9kHz - 20GHz
S3302B: 9kHz - 26.5GHz
S3302C: 9kHz - 32GHz
S3302D: 9kHz - 44GHz
Scan Time 10μm - 600s (zero span)
Resolution Bandwidth 1Hz - 10MHz (step by 1,2,3)
Vedio Bandwidth 1Hz - 10MHz (step by 1,2,3)
SSB Phase Noise (CF=1GHz) ≤-102dBc/Hz @ 10kHz offset
≤-106dBc/Hz @ 100kHz offset
≤-111dBc/Hz @ 1MHz offset
Min. DANL ≤-157dBm

General Information

Dimension (W×H×D) 314mm×218mm×91mm (without handles, feed pads etc)
338mm×218mm×100mm (with handles, feed pads etc)
Weight Approx. 5kg(without batteries)
Battery Life Approx.2.5h
Power Consumption <30W
Input Interface S3302A/B: N-type
S3302C/D: 2.4mm (M)

Main machine

S3302A 9kHz - 20GHz
S3302B 9kHz - 26.5GHz
S3302C 9kHz - 32GHz
S3302D 9kHz - 44GHz