S3301 Handheld Microwave Spectrum Analyzer

(Frequency Range: 100kHz - 18GHz)

S3301 is an easy-use Handheld Microwave Spectrum Analyzer. With a good performance, S3301 can meet the needs of measurements from short wave to Ku band wave .

Key Features

  • One click measurement
  • High measurement speed
  • Standard LAN and USB interface
  • Abundant measurement functions
  • Support both linear sweep and list sweep


  • Occupied Bandwidth (OBW)
  • Channel Power
  • Spectrum Analysis
  • Adjacent Channel Leakage Ratio (ACLR)

Technical Specifications

Frequency Range 100kHz ~ 18GHz
Nominal Frequency 10MHz
Aging Rate ±1x10-8/day, ±1x10-6/year 
Temperature stability ±1x10-6 (20~30°C); ±3.5x10-6 (0~50°C)
Frequency Readout Accuracy ±(Frequency readout x Frequency reference error 
+5% x Frequency span+25% x Resolution bandwidth)
Frequency Span 10Hz~18GHz or 0Hz
Resolution Bandwidth 1Hz ~ 3MHz (step by 1, 3, 10)
Video Bandwidth 1Hz ~ 3MHz (step by 1, 3, 10)
Spectral Purity (Phase Noise)
Carrier of 1GHz, 1kHz offset <-80dBc/Hz  
Carrier of 1GHz, 10kHz, 20kHz, 30kHz offset <-93dBc/Hz
Carrier of 1GHz, 100kHz offset <-95dBc/Hz    
Carrier of 1GHz, 1MHz offset <-103dBc/Hz
Residential Response
10MHz~18GHz, the preamplifier is off <-80dBm
10MHz ~ 4GHz, the preamplifier is on <-95dBm
Displayed Average Noise Level (DANL)
10MHz ~ 4GHz, the preamplifier is on ≤-153dBm 
10MHz ~ 8GHz, the preamplifier is off ≤-133dBm
8GHz ~ 18GHz ≤-127dBm
Second-order Harmonic Distortion
10MHz ~ 4GHz <-50dBc
4GHz ~ 18GHz <-58dBc
Sweep Time
At zero-span 1ms ~ 100s
Span≥1kHz 100ms ~ 100s
Input Port Voltage SWR
50MHz~13GHz, typical <1.8:1 
13GHz~18GHz, typical <2.0:1
Overall-level Uncertainty ±2.7dB (20°C ~30°C, preheated for 30mins)
Input Attenuation Range 0 ~ 30dB, step by 10dB
Maximum Safety Input Level +27dBm

General Information

Power Consumption <40W (While charging is operated)
<28W (While charging is disabled)
Power Supply Mode DC, Rechargeable battery
Battery Service Life About 4 hours
Input Interface N-female, 50Ω resistance
Dimension (LxWxD)mm 330x 230 x 95
Weight Lighter than 5kg