S1101A/B RF Signal Generator

(Frequency Range: 250kHz - 6GHz / 3GHz)

The S1101A /S1101B is a RF signal generator covering a frequency range from 250 kHz to 6 GHz / 3 GHz. With extremely low phase noise of output signal, accuracy frequency resolution, wide output dynamic range, and multiple built-in functions, it is widely used for R&D, manufacturing, education, and service maintenance.

Key Features

  • Frequency range: 250kHz - 6GHz / 3GHz
  • Extremely low phase noise and high pure spectrum 
  • Power output of -135dBm to +7dBm
  • Available in abundant analogy modulation and digital modulation functions 
  • List sweep and step sweep 

Typical Applications

  • Consumer electronics development
  • Manufacturing
  • Service maintenance
  • RF education

Technical Specifications

Frequency Range S1101A: 250kHz - 6GHz
S1101B: 250kHz - 3GHz
Frequency N
250 kHz ≤ f ≤ 250 MHz 1
250 MHz <f ≤ 500 MHz 0.5
500 MHz <f ≤ 1 GHz 1
1 GHz <f ≤ 2 GHz 2
2 GHz <f ≤ 3.2 GHz 4
3.2 GHz <f ≤ 6 GHz 8
Frequency Resolution 0.01Hz (0.001Hz is also available)
Timebase Aging Rate (typical value) 1×10 -9/day (after 7 days of continuous power on)
Sweep Mode Step Sweep, List Sweep
Harmonic < -30 dBc
Sub-harmonic None
Non-harmonic < -62 dBc
Internal Modulation
Signal Generator
Function generator provides Amplitude modulation,
Frequency / Phase modulation signals
Waveform Sine wave, Square wave, Triangular wave,
  Ramp wave, Noise, Dual-sine, Swept-sine
Frequency range Sine wave, Dual-sine, Swept-sine: 1Hz-1MHz
Square wave, Triangular wave, Ramp wave: 1Hz-100kHz
Resolution: 1Hz
Pulse modulation signal Pulse width:  40ns - (42s - 20ns)
Pulse period:  100ns - 42s
Resolution:  20ns
Signal Generator
Max. symbol rate: 10ksps~10Msps(MSK;2FSK Max. symbol rate 2Msps) 
Modulation format: BPSK, QPSK, OQPSK, 8PSK, MSK, 16QAM, 2FSK
RF Output Port N (F)
Display TFT-LCD

General Information

Dimension (W×H×L) 482mm×152mm×582mm
Max. Weight Approx. 23kg
Power Consumption 300W (Max)
Power Supply Mode 220V AC

Main machine

S1101A  RF Signal Generator 250kHz - 6GHz
S1101B  RF Signal Generator 250kHz - 3GHz