S3503 Series Spectrum / Signal Analyzer

(Frequency Range: 3Hz - 4GHz/ 9GHz/ 13.2GHz/ 18GHz/ 26.5GHz/ 40GHz/ 45GHz/ 50GHz)

S3503 Series Spectrum / Signal Analyzer is featured with excellent dynamic range, phase noise, amplitude precision and testing speed. It has multiple analytic functions including high-sensitivity spectrum analysis, spectrum power analysis, IQ analysis, multi-domain correlation analysis, pulse parameter analysis, audio analysis, analogue demodulation analysis and phase noise test

Features of S3503 can be improved via optional components. S3503 has multi digital/analogue interfaces. These interfaces can be easily used to build a test system. S3053 is applicable for signal and equipment test of fields including Aviation, aerospace, radar detection, communications, electromagnetic countermeasure, and navigation.

Key Features

  • Frequency range from 3Hz to 50GHz. Optional External Mixer extends to Max 325GHz.
  • Maximum 200MHz analysis bandwidth.
  • Excellent test / receiving performance.
  • Comprehensive spectrum analysis. FFT sweep supported.
  • Multi-domain correlation analysis and signal playback.
  • Support analogous and digital signal output interface.
  • Friendly UI. Easy to use.

Typical Applications

  • Comprehensive Performance Evaluation of Electronic Systems including Radar and Communication
  • Test and Debugging of Transmitter and Receiver
  • Configuration of intricate testing diagnostic system, providing the system with signal output, data output and result analysis

Technical Specifications

Part NO. A B C D E F G H
FrequencyRange 3Hz - 4GHz 3Hz- 9GHz 3Hz - 13.2GHz 3Hz - 18GHz 3Hz -  26.5GHz 3Hz - 40GHz 3Hz - 45GHz 3Hz - 50GHz
10MHz Precision Frequency Reference Frequency Accuracy ±(To the last calibration date × aging rate 
+temperature stability of + Calibration Accuracy)
Aging rate ± 1x10-7 / Year
Temp. stability ± 1x10-8(20°C- 30°C), ± 5x10-8(0°C- 55°C)
Calibration Accuracy ± 7x10-8
FrequencyCounting Accuracy ±(Frequency indication × frequency reference accuracy +0.1Hz)
FrequencyBandwidth Range: 0Hz, 10Hz - Max. frequency range
Accuracy: ± (0.25% × bandwidth + bandwidth / (scan points -1))
Scan Time Range (Bandwidth≥10Hz): 1ms - 4000s, (Bandwidth 0Hz): 1us - 6000s
Resolution Bandwidth Range: 1Hz - 3MHz (step by 1, 2, 3, 5 ), 4, 5, 6, 8, 10MHz
Conversion Uncertainty: 0.5dB
Video Bandwidth 1Hz-3MHz (step by 1, 2, 3, ), 4, 5, 6, 8MHz, 10MHz(RATINGS)
Signal Analysis Bandwidth 10Hz - 10MHz (Standard), 40MHz(Optional), 200MHz(Optional)
Phase Noise <-94dBc/Hz (CF=1GHz, 100Hz offset)
<-110dBc/Hz (CF=1GHz, 1KHz offset)
<-120dBc/Hz (CF=1GHz, 10KHz offset)
Min DANL -149dBm/Hz @1GHz
Trigger Mode Free, power, video, external level (front panel) , external level (rear)
Rectification Normal, positive peak, negative peak, sample, average, root mean square
Average Type Video Average, Power Average, Voltage Average
Residual Response 200kHz - 9GHz -100dBm 
Input Interface S3503A / B / C / D N (F), impedance 50Ω
S3503E 3.5mm (M), impedance 50Ω
S3503 F / G / H 2.4mm (M), impedance 50Ω

General Information

Power Supply AC 100/115V: 50/60/400Hz, AC 220/240V: 50/60Hz
Power Stand by: < 20W, Operating: < 400W
Weight 25kg
Dimension L×W×H = 498×192×532 (Including handles, pad foot and footing) 
L×W×H = 426×177×460(handles, pad foot and footing are not included)

Main machine

Part No. Frequency Range
S3503A 3Hz - 4GHz
S3503B 3Hz - 9GHz
S3503C 3Hz - 13.2GHz
S3503D 3Hz - 18GHz
S3503E 3Hz - 26.5GHz
S3503F 3Hz - 40GHz
S3503G 3Hz - 45GHz
S3503H 3Hz - 50GHz